Go Green and Give Back with Corporate Gift Experiences

Sustainable Corporate Gift Experiences
Excite your guests at your next corporate gift experience with products and brands that support charitable and sustainable initiatives. As we discussed in our previous blog, one of the top trends in corporate gifting and promotional items includes  eco-conscious brands and products. At 24 On Tour, we have been committed to charitable and sustainable initiatives in our corporate practices as well as in our efforts to sustainably source products. When planning your corporate gifting programs and corporate gift experiences, consider choosing products that are stylish and supportive of the environment and community. We have a wide selection of premium brands that are sure to make your guests feel appreciated and motivated with a great give back component. Below are a few of our favorite aspirational  brands and product selections.


Patagonia has a history woven in social and environmental responsibility, but this past year the brand has continued to roll out more innovative designs that work towards their goal of only using renewable or recycled materials in their products by 2025. The brand offers many apparel and accessory styles that are Fair Trade certified, meaning any labeled product promotes the health and wellness of the works creating the products. 24 On Tour is a member of Patagonia’s 1% for the Planet organization. When you purchase Patagonia products for a 24 On Tour gifting experience, not only do we give 1% of the revenue earned from your purchase to sustainable and environmental initiatives, but Patagonia also gives back 1% of revenue earned on your purchase as well.


STATE Bags offer a selection of stylish backpacks, totes, duffle bags, and more that can be embellished with your logo. Our partnership with STATE Bags is exciting because of the tremendous give back component that comes with the purchase of each bag. Whenever a STATE bag is purchased, the brand will support American children and families in need. Some of the programs and initiatives that STATE Bags has partnered with include but are not limited to are Seeds of Peace, Time’s Up, Bottomless Closet, and The Flint Initiative.

Eco-Conscious Gifting Add-Ons

When planning your gift experience, consider gifting add-ons such as branded reusable shopping totes made from recycled materials as a gift bag instead of non-recyclable retail gift bags. If your experience features premium drinkware such as YETI, consider adding a specialized YETI chug or straw cap, or even consider adding branded metal straws. Small add-ons such as the ones mentioned tie together the the details of the gift experience and make an impression of the message you would like to share with guests.

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There are a variety of ways to make the most out of a gift experience focused on charitable or sustainable outreach.  To create a custom gift experience for your next corporate event, contact us today!

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