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With years of music business experience, the team at 24 On Tour can guide you through the complicated process of booking high quality entertainment and producing live music corporate events.

Bring Your Event to Life

Our background in the industry, combined with a curated network of contacts, allows us to secure entertainment in a professional manner that aligns with your goals. By understanding the needs of both artists and buyers, we are are able to transform your corporate event ideas into turnkey entertainment experiences. 24 On Tour acts as your VIP Events Management partner by managing all aspects of the performance from talent curation to event production. Whether it’s an intimate show with a Tony Award winning composer or a rock n’ roll concert that has everyone on their feet, 24 On Tour can make it happen. Any genre, any budget, any event.

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Delivering Corporate Music Events
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Acting as your “promoter rep,” 24 On Tour supports corporate music events with the following:










Who Is 24

24 On Tour is made up of corporate event organizers and entertainment professionals. Our collective experience spans talent booking, artist management, concert promotion, tour management, press relations, event marketing management, sporting events, and more. With an in-depth knowledge of the entertainment industry and a passion for sports and live music, 24 On Tour can transform your occasion from an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience.
Caroline Baity

Caroline Baity

Senior Entertainment Manager

Caroline is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a background in artist management, tour marketing, and elite sporting events such as the Masters and PGA Championship golf tournaments. Caroline is active in the sailing community and enjoys winning regattas.

Why Choose 24

We work for you.

Unlike many event companies we are not professionally affiliated with select agencies, artists or athletes. 24 On Tour acts solely as your promoter representative while leveraging our relationships throughout the sport and entertainment industry. We don’t just check the boxes – we go above and beyond to provide high-end experiences while keeping your best interests at heart.

We speak the language.

Our team’s combined experience across the music industry enables us to understand and negotiate contracts, interpret music business lingo, and facilitate touring. Our ability to translate between corporate and entertainment professionals allows us to provide a totally transparent experience for all the parties involved.

We know how artists and their teams operate.

Any one artist may have upwards of one hundred people working on their team, and we understand how to navigate among them 24 On Tour knows who to call and what questions to ask to make sure every last detail is covered.

We are avid music consumers and show-goers.

We’ve been behind the scenes, onstage, and in the audience at a lot of live music events … and we have seen it all. Our team members have been affiliated with music entertainment events across the spectrum-from 50 capacity listening rooms to major festivals like Stagecoach, Hangout, Austin City Limits, AmericanaFest, Boston Calling, and more. We call on our past experiences – both good and bad – to deliver turnkey corporate music events that meet the high standards of the guests, the artists, and the buyer (that’s you!).

We know people.

We’re good at making friends. While we were attending hundreds of events and meeting thousands of people, we were also collecting contacts. We know folks who are excited and happy to work with us, which in turn makes them excited and happy to work with you. You’re throwing a big event – why not choose a respected event planning firm?

Every event is customizable and turnkey.

At 24 On Tour, we put our heart and soul into making your occasion an unforgettable experience. Whatever your company’s brand or image, we want to bring your  “vibe” to life – all while helping you meet your goals, stay under budget, and excite your audience. Consistency may be key, but variety is the spice of life – so why not step off the beaten path? Contact 24 on Tour to book your custom corporate entertainment event today.

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