Corporate Gifting Trends To Come in 2020

Corporate Holiday Events

Premium Brands & Products

In the past, promotional corporate gifting was often filled with easy giveaways such as pens, notebooks, keychains, and magnets. Although these items were practical in the past, the market demands much more. When planning promotional products and corporate gifting programs, the goal is to choose products that create the most impact and speak to your own brand. Brands such as Patagonia, YETI, Nike, adidas, Southern Tide, and Peter Millar speak for themselves. An employee that is given the opportunity to wear a branded Patagonia or Southern Tide sweater will be much more likely to showcase their corporate gifts not only at the office, but out with friends and in their everyday lives.

Eco-Conscious Brands & Products 

Over the past years consumers have continually become more eco-conscious in their purchasing decisions and choose to support brands that have a positive influence on society. This trend has also become evident in the promotional products world as we see more products entering the market made from recycled materials and supporting sustainable initiatives. When planning your corporate gifting programs and corporate gift experiences, consider choosing a brand that supports sustainable initiatives. By choosing a brand like Patagonia, you are gifting products sourced from recycled materials and supporting environmental sustainability. To learn more about eco-friendly promotional products read our previous blog on the latest sustainable products.

Fitness Accessories

As society has become more eco-conscious, it has also become more health-conscious. Creating a corporate gift experience that includes lifestyle brands allows guests to choose products that fit their personal hobbies and interests. Some of the top promotional products coming into the new year have been co-branded backpacks, duffel bags, and athletic bags. Fitbits, Apple Watches, and other fitness trackers have also taken over the market and can be customized with your company logo. Although more of a tech item, custom wireless earbuds such as Airpods are also great corporate as many consumers are purchasing these to have wire-free workouts. Not to mention, athleisure clothing such as dri-fit pullovers are more popular than ever.

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