Winter Corporate Gift Experiences that Stay Cool

Winter Corporate Gift Experiences
The winter season is here. As the cold weather sets in it’s common for your first instinct to be to head towards the warm weather. If you’re planning a corporate event or incentive trip for your company and thinking of a resort sun and beach destination, remember to also consider a winter experience at a ski resort. Holding your next event at a ski destination is an exciting and interactive experience for your employees, executives, and clients. For your guests that are not into skiing or snowboarding, ski resorts have a variety of other activities such as ice skating, snowmobiling, hiking, and luxurious spas for relaxation. In addition to physical activities, ski resorts often have highly rated restaurants, breweries, and shopping as well. It’s safe to say that there is never a shortage of things to do at a ski destination. 
Asides from the destination and venue of your event, creating a gift experience that fits the tone of the ski destination will set your event apart from all of your events done in the past. Consider premium brands like Helly Hansen, Patagonia, YETI, Level, Smartwool, Kavu, and more
For example, creating a gift experience featuring a selection of Patagonia products allows guests to choose the item that speaks best to their style. You can also mix and match different brands by adding gifting add-ons such as a selection of Level gloves or gifting a YETI Rambler tumbler with your engraved logo. Gifting premium lifestyle brands such as the ones mentioned allows guests to choose the gifts that fit their personal lifestyle. The guest that is going to spend the weekend hitting the slopes might choose a pullover that can be used as a layer during and après ski, such as the Patagonia R1 pullover. In contrast, the guest that goes hiking or heads to the spa might choose the piece that they’ll use as a part of their everyday wardrobe such as the Patagonia Better Sweater.    
There are many creative ways to activate your next corporate event or incentive trip. If you’re thinking of choosing a ski destination for your next event, the team at 24 On Tour is here to help you come up with the best selection to make your guests feel excited and appreciated. For ideas for resort sun destinations, read our previous blog Southern Tide Gift Experiences.

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