24 Team Spotlight: Alexea Benros Shares Event Insights

Alexea Benros, 24 On Tour, Senior Events Manager
The team at 24 On Tour is dedicated to creating gifting experiences at corporate events and incentive trips that leave lasting impressions. Planning events, especially of the corporate nature that can have upwards of hundreds of guests, can have many moving pieces to reach perfection. Our team often feels like we have seen it all in the corporate events world. From Caribbean resort incentive trips, ski weekend getaways, to themed corporate parties, we challenge ourselves to come up with new and exciting ideas for each unique event. We interviewed Alexea Benros, our dedicated Account Manager at 24, to share her personal advice and insights for planning corporate events and gifting experiences.

What is your favorite part of planning gifting experiences at events?

My favorite part of the gifting experience process is the on-site aspect. Being there to see the joy and excitement from guests when they’re choosing their personal gifts is the best, and rewarding feeling. Themes are a large part of events now, and having details of the gift selection tie together with the theme is fun to piece together. For example, an event we just finished in Idaho had a “Let’s Go Green” theme. Our team created a Patagonia product selection and provided information on Patagonia’s 1% for the Planet organization. Our client loved the environmental aspects of the gift selection that went hand in hand with their theme. Lastly, getting creative with the space is a big favorite for me too. Every location and venue has a different look and feel, so being able to set up and get creative with decorating can be fun (most of the time).

What advice do you have for event planners when curating a gift selection for their company’s event?

One thing I have noticed at corporate events is that you will often see guests taking home a gift for their significant other or children instead of themselves. It’s just something to take into consideration when planning a gift selection. Another factor is offering just the right amount of variety and selection. Having a variety of options to choose from is essential, but you don’t want too many options which can become overwhelming.

What is your favorite product right now to offer at gift experiences?

This is a tough one, we offer so many awesome brands! Right now my favorite, trending product is Bose sunglasses. They’re super innovative and have built-in Bluetooth speakers. My other favorites right now are YETI, Patagonia, and Southern Tide products.

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